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April 15, 2016
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COVID-19 Update

West Fork Friends,

With the concern over Covid-19, we would like to let people know the current status up here. If the state of Montana changes our approach as time goes on we will update it here. The current status for people coming in from out of county is that the state would like a quarantine period of 14 days (this doesn’t require 14 days here it just requires while you are here you self quarantine).

We think that there is no better place than to be here or on the river. With our unique location it can easily be done.

All cabins have full kitchens and if you are bringing a trailer you have your own system in the trailer. It is easy to keep separate from people not with you.

We have taken precautions with restrictions on entering the office and a wash station with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. We have face masks for employees and extra cleaning precautions when a room is turned over. We are incorporating a cleaning regimen that also includes UVC lights that kill bacteria in the room.

We hope that all of our friends are healthy and well and are anxious to come up and join us.

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