In the heart of Yellowstone Country, you will find limitless inspiration and breathtaking scenery

Photography has experienced a revolution in recent years with the advent of DSLR cameras opening up nature photography and wildlife photography for so many people to enjoy as a hobby and a profession.

In the heart of Yellowstone Country, photographers will find limitless inspiration and breathtaking scenery to capture through their lenses. The West Fork Cabin Camp makes the ideal location for your spring, summer, or fall Yellowstone photography adventures right along the banks of the Madison River.

The anglers in the family will love having you along to help capture their lunkers in perpetuity and for all to see on social media! Many award winning and published photographers have spent time in this region where wildlife and sunsets often seem within an arm’s reach. Some of the west’s most famous photographers have galleries in our nearby towns.

Bird watching is very much alive in Big Sky Country, as hundreds come each summer seeking out the birder’s paradise that is the West Fork of the Madison. You’ll see dozens of species all year long from the porch of your private wilderness cabin. The area is abundant with all kinds and varieties of birds: eagles (golden and bald), osprey, heron, ducks, geese, crane, bluebirds, hawks, swans, woodpeckers, and more.

Bird watchers and photographers delight as eagles and osprey dive and fish along our banks. Along the river, in the mountains, in Yellowstone National Park, or at the Red Rocks National Bird Refuge just 20 miles to the southwest, birds abound in and around the West Fork.

The 40,000-acre Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge was established to save the Trumpeter Swan from extinction, and this National Refuge is a bird watcher’s paradise with more than 90 varieties listed as abundant and common.